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Joking around with Elisheva, we were talking about the parsha and she joked that I should become a rabbi because I know so much (even though I was in the middle of mixing up the rituals of the ben so… Read more

YM’s brillianté idea! for Teens and Shabbos Tasks

Instead of nudging and nudging or making up task lists for Fridays and have each big kid wandering around wondering what to do… we set up a point system.  Each thing we usually do on Fridays is given… Read more

Shabbos Food (with no Mommy)

It’s always weird these days when my mother isn’t with us.  We were supposed to be going to Ottawa this weekend, and Ted actually took today off so he could have three days in a row with no work, lik… Read more

Blah. Blah. Blah. Prager. Blah.

Sad and discouraged!  I wrote here the other day all excited that Dennis Prager was coming to town and that I was going to find a way to go hear him speak on Friday night…Well, no.  Apparently not.�… Read more

Supper – on time!

6:15 on the dot… the time I aim for every single day, and today we finally made it!  6:15 is because Elisheva finishes school at 5:30, so it allows for some travel time, some table-setting time, but… Read more

And in other garden news…

… it’s starting.  Despite the colds.  Despite the winds.  Things are growing.  Here’s a quick roundup, because I’m supposed to be making supper right now.Muscari (grape hyacinths, or, as we call them… Read more

The 2010 Artemisia Collection

In my usual impulsive gardening  strategy, I amassed a veritable collection of artemisias last year (the English name is Wormwood, but let’s just forget that ugly old thing).  I am drawn to the silve… Read more

Hey! I forgot…

… to EVER make a homemade ice-cream cake again!  I mean, I did it once, with great success, thirteen years ago, and then never again.For anyone too uninterested to scroll down.  This ice-cream themed… Read more

Oooh! Look who’s coming to town!

Dennis Prager!Oooh, I’m so excited, and it’s just down the street from me, too! Closer than my own shul, even!His talk on Friday night is “How to fix non-Orthodox Judaism,” which is unbelievably int… Read more

Kids’ Book for Shavuos / Shavuot / Ruth / Rus / Rut

However you want to pronounce it all, I wrote Naomi Rivka a Shavuos story!I wasn’t going to say anything here, but since I had a lot of response to my Pesach Four Questions story, I wanted to put it … Read more

No pansies, no!

Stopped by Fortino’s Garden Centre for the first time this year.  It’s NICE that it’s open, I’ll give you that (especially on a blustery day when it feels like winter is turning around and heading ri… Read more

Menu Plan Monday #13 – 12 Iyar, 5770

Yes, it’s ridiculously late at night. Or early in the morning. But here we are! We have arrived! At yet another Meal Plan Monday.I just decided, before I post this, to go look at how many of thes… Read more

Gazing at the navel

When I should be gazing at my pillow… I am gazing at my navel, or rather, the navel of my blog, the top-secret site that tells me how y’all got here and what you want from my creative writing output.… Read more

My NEW “next coffee maker”

Now that my bodum has turned me into a bit of a coffee snob, I started thinking I wanted an Aeropress. Okay, actually, truth? The SAME week my sister Sara bought me the Bodum, a facebook friend bra… Read more

Busy Little Homeschooler… worn out!

We were carless, for a change, so I ran the kids around a bit today.  After a trip to Dollarama and the library, we met some friends and they spent about 20 minutes running up and down a hill in the … Read more

Six-Word Saturday: 11 Iyar, 5770

Ted working; still sick.  Blah.  Blah. Read more

Another decent kiddie parsha sheet

During the hopefully-temporary absence of our weekly Torat Imecha sheets (she isn’t doing them at the moment due to personal circumstances), I am downloading parsha sheets for the little kiddies fro… Read more

Uninspir(ed/ing) Shabbos Food: Acharei Mos-Kedoshim

Okay, I’m stuck.  In a rut.  No inspiration.  What will we have for Shabbos?  (yeah, I know it’s 1 p.m. and Shabbos is in only 6 hours)UPDATE:  Alright, it’s now 7:00 p.m. and I am changing this to l… Read more

Bad Vegan!

Ugh… noticed as I was mixing up the corn fritter batter for tonight’s Vegan Vursday that it may not contain milk, but DOES contain three eggs (I tripled the recipe because we like corn fritters a LO… Read more

Welcome ICLW bloggers!

To any ICLW (IComLeavWe, April 2010) bloggers dropping in, I want to point out first of all that I’m not infertile in any way, or even TTC in any way.  I know a lot about infertility and even got a c… Read more

The mystical GREEN layer

For the last couple of years, I have made a point of  always including this weird, magical, mystical GREEN layer in almost every lasagna I have made.It’s easy and turns any everyday lasagna into a go… Read more

In case of emergency

In case of ice cream too frozen to scoop:Hack at outer wrapping mercilessly with sharp knife until it yields.  Peel packaging off in great primordial chunks and toss in whatever bin is closest.  Eat.… Read more

Two ghost poems

My father’s birthday was April 25th, so this is his week.  We are all thinking of him in our own ways.These are old poems, and I was going to include a whole bunch of apologies and whatnot for not be… Read more

Who sez?

Who says arts and crafts is only for the littles??? Read more

So, nu…!

One EMT transport, two phone calls (one home, which I couldn’t answer in time; one to my mother, who went to the scene), four hours in emerg, fifteen minutes in the CT scanner, a bazillion shots of l… Read more

Menu Plan Monday: 4 Iyar, 5770 (Kosher, Jewish, dee-lish!)

Late late late Sunday night, but I’m trying to get a jump on the week ahead by planning a menu… hmm… what shall we eat???Monday (Ted’s late day): Potto-leek soup, salmon puff pastries, frozen peez o… Read more

Davening that’s SO “old-shul”

Just for fun, I brought my wonderful new siddur along for its Inaugural Davening down the street to Beth Tzedec, one of two local Conservative congregations.  This happens to be the monster shul in t… Read more

Snazzy new siddur… a first glance at Koren Sacks

Now, how often is it that you hear those words together – “snazzy” and “siddur”???But, yes, I have leapt on the Rabbi Dr. Sir Professor Jonathan Sacks Bandwagon and invested in my first non-Artscroll… Read more

Six-Word Saturday: 4 Iyar, 5770

The moment before the Lego fell… Read more

Off the wagon… and into the carriage?

I’ve been SO good.  So very, very good about not acquiring any new carriages.  But sometimes, it’s just stroller karma, and I can’t help it.When you get rid of five carriages you don’t want (old Plik… Read more

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