Supper – on time!

beerbread 010 6:15 on the dot… the time I aim for every single day, and today we finally made it!  6:15 is because Elisheva finishes school at 5:30, so it allows for some travel time, some table-setting time, but not too long before she eats or she gets really GROUCHY.

“Vegan Vursday” here today.  Happily, bread is vegan, plus pasta is vegan beerbread 005(I checked – no eggs!).  Beer bread:  I had to make a special trip to the LCBO store to buy beer.  Had no idea what was what so just bought the very cheapest ($1.75) and fled.  It just feels so sleazy, you know?

Oh, and then I made a delightful (vegan) mushroom-barley soup to go with the bread and pasta.  What a simple, yummy meal!


  1. Call me next time you make beer bread. I think we might still have beer from the last poker night we hosted, and we don't drink the stuff.

  2. I didn't want it to seem like I only visit you for the free beer...

  3. It's okay. I have a tough skin. I can handle it.

    Besides, you can also visit me for my fun backyard!


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