Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Busy Little Homeschooler… worn out!

shluffy 001We were carless, for a change, so I ran the kids around a bit today.  After a trip to Dollarama and the library, we met some friends and they spent about 20 minutes running up and down a hill in the rain.

I told Naomi Rivka she didn’t have to nap, just have an hour of quiet reading time, and for her reading material, she chose this atlas, which she loves.

Unfortunately, as many of us might when attempting to read an atlas cover to cover… she fell asleep.  I just thought it was very cute how she managed to pass out directly underneath the book.  Also, how wonderful it is that her arm is beneath her mouth so she won’t drool all over our pillows!

This actually happens quite a bit of the time when I tell her she doesn’t have to sleep.  With the “naptime” pressure off, she’s able to just snuggle into bed and relax with a good book… often with very soporific results.

Speaking of sleeping beauties:  as I loaded up the picture to blog this, I heard a snore from the sofa.  Yes, Ted is passed out cold as well.  3 family members down, 3 to go!