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The Family Torah!


The Family Torah

Written by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod
Illustrated by Teddy Akiva MacLeod
185 pages, perfect-bound softcover
© 2013 RonyPony Publications 

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ISBN-13: 9781489509789
ISBN-10: 148950978X

Here at last, written by a homeschooling mother, is a book that parents and teachers can read aloud to discover the joys of the Torah and its lessons, in the short, simple weekly installments that have carried the Jewish people through millennia…

The Family Torah focuses mainly on pshat — the plain meaning of the Torah — with a sprinkling of midrash, the lively "stories behind the stories" that are so often crucial to understanding the Torah's text. The distinction between pshat and midrash is clearly delineated to help adults and children gain a clear understanding of the function of each.

This book also accomplishes what most kids' Torah books do not - it attempts to include almost every major incident from the narrative of the Chumash.  Of course, at times this must be dealt with tactfully and at an appropriate level for children, and balanced with brevity if the actual Torah text is highly repetitious.

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The book's balance, along with its clearly-written, lively Torah narrative will appeal to a range of ages, convincing parents, teachers and children alike that the story of the Torah is itself exciting and relevant, an integral part of our precious tradition... and a joy to share together.

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