YM’s brillianté idea! for Teens and Shabbos Tasks

clip_image002Instead of nudging and nudging or making up task lists for Fridays and have each big kid wandering around wondering what to do… we set up a point system.  Each thing we usually do on Fridays is given a number of points.  Kiddies accumulate points however they want.  And when they reach 200, they can quit and usher in their own personal Shabbos… or play a game.  Or whatever.

Here’s a breakdown of the ones we’ve come up with so far.  If you spot any flaws, or think of other tasks (this is very preliminary), please leave a comment to let me know!

Torah tasks:

100 Dvar Torah

20 Parsha q&a / craft / activity

Childcare tasks:

20 Bathe littles

15 Park walkies

10 Walkies on street

10 Learn parsha together

Indoor tasks:

20 Clean bathroom

20 Mop floors

10 Bermuda triangle (table)

10 Bermuda triangle (desk)

10 Sweep the J

10 Sweep stairs

10 Books / toys / fireplace

Outdoor tasks:

20 Weeding 10 mins

10 Garbage, recycle, compost

10 Tidy entire driveway

10 Sweep ½ driveway

Food tasks:

30 Wash dishes (full)

20 Make main course or cholent

20 Peel vegs (many)

15 Make veg or side dish

10 Make dessert – scratch

5 Make dessert – mix

5 Kneidlach


20 Set up lights / timers

10 Fetching from Bubby’s

5 Eruv 350-2879 (the eiruv hotline)


  1. I love this. How old does my kid have to be before we get this system started?

  2. I'd maybe wait 'till she turns 3. :-)


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