Hey! I forgot…

… to EVER make a homemade ice-cream cake again!  I mean, I did it once, with great success, thirteen years ago, and then never again.

For anyone too uninterested to scroll down.  This ice-cream themed post is brought to you by Baskin-Robbins 31 cent scoop night, being held tomorrow evening around the US and in Canada as well!  And now, on with my blather…

Amy over at homeshuling posted today about a birthday party she made for her dd, including a homemade ice cream cake.  Brownies, ice cream, homemade whipped cream, and a few crushed m&m’s.  It looks like there is some type of illustration on top of her cake as well.

As I typed in my appreciative comment – about how wondrously easy and cheap it is to make your own cake, compared to what they charge for such a thing in stores – I began wondering how come I never did it again.  We had one for YM’s 2nd birthday party, though I forget exactly what flavours of cake, or ice cream, I used.

But, ONE birthday out of... 36?!?  I counted just now and apparently have celebrated 36 of my own kids' birthdays, and made my own ice-cream cake for precisely ONE of them.  :-o

That's it... whoever's up next is getting an ice-cream cake!  What a special treat it will be… for YM’s 16th birthday.  Happy Sweet Sixteen to Mommy’s Little Boy!


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