Menu Plan Monday #13 – 12 Iyar, 5770

Yes, it’s ridiculously late at night. Or early in the morning. But here we are! We have arrived! At yet another Meal Plan Monday.

I just decided, before I post this, to go look at how many of these I’ve done so far so I can celebrate maybe my 10th MPM post! But you know what?

This is actually Lucky Number Thirteen!! Yes, I’m giving myself a break for not posting over Pesach and pretending that they have all been consecutive. Which is not a bad streak, if I say so myself.

I like it. I really do. I like having some idea of how the week is going to go, and I like the freedom to shop early and just HAVE the ingredients I need on hand. It doesn’t always work, but often enough that it’s liberating.

Sunday (tonight)!: Chicken Nest at Mommy’s house w/ Sara & Abigail

Monday (Ted’s off day): SuperSticky sweepoes; chicken on top of rice, leftover Shabbos soop.

Tuesday: Corny Salmon cakes w/homemade potato buns (brushed with butter...amazing!) squash soup.

Wednesday (Ted’s late day, CPP day): Melissa D'Arabian's North African Meatballs (inspired by Jolly Green Mommy) w/couscous - (eta: AMAZING!)

Thursday (Vegan Vursday): Mushroom barley soup, homemade buns, pasta w/tomato sauce. OMG, I just realized pasta is VEGAN! (as long as it’s eggless… I’m not falling for any of last week’s Bad Vegan temptations again!) No parmesan, though. Blah. :-(

Friday = Shabbos: No clue!!! TBD! Didn’t we just have Shabbos??? But I might want to try these nifty Chocolate Eggs filled with Julia Child’s Chocolate Mousse. Or maybe these Key Lime Bars over at Couldn't be Pareve. Or both! Why is it so easy to plan desserts, and so tough to plan the rest of the meal???

Forgot to add! If you’re dropping in for the first time, feel free to visit the super-duper-list-o-mania of Everything We Eat (as well as the rest of this blog, of course). Thanks!


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