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No more nummies, Birthday Girls!

Here they are!  My birthday sister and my birthday daughter.  Amazing.  Naomi’s birthday is usually more in between Sara’s and Abigail’s, but this year, they’re only 2 days apart.  Next year, it will… Read more

Six Word Saturday: 14 Adar, 5770 (Purim!)

Happy Purim!  Love, your mother (Earth).(click the picture for an embarrassing close-up…) Read more

Shabbos Food

Supper:  Out tonight at Mommy’s.  Bringing:Dessert – chocolate-filled rogelach (prepared puff-pastry squares with chocolate hamentash filling)CornOne challahLunch… I really must get going on this:Cha… Read more

Hamentastic Hamentashen – traditional and not-so-much

Traditional hamentashen (recipe here – yes, I did give this recipe only 3 stars for its extreme oiliness, but it turns out very sturdy hamentashen, which is my main criterion for packing..) But, in t… Read more

Someone you know is being abused

I always thought teenagers were a joke; a cliché… I dunno.  Based on memories of my own teenagerhood, I figured they were more surly than little kids, more independent, less interested in their paren… Read more

First hamentashen

Here are the first hamentashen of the year, going into the oven (yes, at 1 a.m.).Dough – an incredibly sticky oily dough that is murder to work with until it gets a bit floured up.   Didn’t help that… Read more

Purim Cards… Part 1

Because of the every-year craziness of Ted having to deliver 30-something shalach manos (mishloach manot) packages, plus the craziness of our list having expanded to almost fifty this year, I gave up… Read more

The Indoor Growing Report!

See?  I’ve been good!  I haven’t updated since last Tuesday, even though I have tons of progress to report. So with no apologies, I offer this brief roundup of… how’s it growing???First, the teeny ba… Read more

Amazing leaf: Allen Gardens

This is a small section of a HUGE leaf.  You can see the tip of my thumb holding it down so I could take the picture.  I just find it so astonishing that not only is it elaborately quilted, it has a … Read more

Kosher Menu Plan Monday (kinda): 8 Adar, 5770

Better late than never, right?Monday (Ted’s late day):  Superstore chicken, farfel, corn, chicken soup…Tuesday:  Cheesy pasta bake of some kind, if we have cheese; otherwise a less-cheesy pasta thing… Read more

It is weather outside today

Yesterday was spring; today, deep, deep winter.  My ASL class is cancelled.  Blah. Read more

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet (or not)

I have a line I use on my children when they’re complaining that the house is too noisy to do their homework, work on a dvar Torah, sit and read… or whatever.  It is a terrible line.  It’s the kind o… Read more

Seedy Sunday – the haul!

The first few shots are from the seed swap area alone… amazing!  What an incredible selection… and all free!  I was volunteering in the swap room for 2 hours, so I feel like I did my time and got amp… Read more

51st (Perennial) Kosher Cooking Carnival!

All things food and Jewish… and just in time for Purim!Since this issue’s theme is “venahafoch hu” (“and it was overturned”, ie Haman’s evil decree), let’s stop before we start to look back at PAST … Read more

Six Word Saturday: 7 Adar, 5770

Great movie; do I believe it…? Read more

Shabbos cook, shabbos bake, have a little Shabbos cake!

Once again, Ted’s totally wrangled Shabbos this week, leaving me with mostly the baked goods.Here’s his food list (* next to Ted-made items):~ Challah (me; new recipe, and don’t they look AMAZING thi… Read more

Fw: Recent Developments at Dufferin Grove Park

Letter to:  Toronto ombudsperson; cc to Councillors Mihevc and Giambrone (isn't he in France right now???) Read more background info here. Dear Ms Crean: It's come to my attention that one o… Read more

Wet and… NOT dead!

I bought this fuchsia at the Toronto Plant Society sale last year.  It’s a miniature, Encliandra Fuchsia… its name will come back to me or you can search past posts for fuchsia if you’re crazy about… Read more

The Nanny, one year later

My mother wanted to do something for Nanny’s yahrzeit, which was last week.  So she decided to host a coffee hour in the church Nanny loved so much.Well, it turns out – doh! – this is not really a t… Read more

When Christians celebrate “Biblical Feasts”: My Jewish Perspective

Other posts you may or may not want to read:When Christians celebrate “Biblical Feasts”: Take 2When Christians celebrate “Biblical Feasts,” Part 3: When is Pesach? When Christians celebrate “Biblical… Read more

Oh, gosh…

A new low.  I originally opened up this window just to post that it’s 9:30 and I still have to put these kiddies to bed.And then, suddenly, it was 9:33 and Ted was unexpectedly home (he was planning… Read more

Woman without social skills seeks Shabbos guests

Last Shabbos, walking home from with a couple of women from the neighbourhood… “we really don’t have much of anything, the house is kind of a mess, the kids are sick and I’m exhausted… hey, do you wa… Read more

Bear with me, please!

It is just SO exciting when things begin to grow.  I get over it in a month or two, and by the time the world outside is fully green, I  have settled back down to kind-of-normal.In the meantime… I am… Read more

Tired-Word Tuesday: ARTISAN

In the grocery store today, I found a package of “artisan lettuce.”  Apparently, this is a real thing.Only certain things can be made by artisans… others, well, they just grow that way.  I’m sorry, b… Read more

Parsha for Toddlers!

I hope I didn’t post about this before… but I’m getting old, so bear with me if I have already. I’ve been searching for a long time for GOOD English-language parsha resources for young children, part… Read more

More planties! First herbs in…

First herbs, plus more coleus.  I sorted out my extensive seed collection in anticipation of next week’s Seedy Sunday, and discovered a few Black Dragon coleus seed from last April.  I still cannot b… Read more

Mental illness is like a miscarriage

Everybody has one…  and nobody talks about it until you’ve had one yourself.Okay, with mental illness, it’s not always themselves who have had it, but everybody I talk to these days has someone in th… Read more

Menu Plan Monday: 1 Adar, 5770

I created a pretty comprehensive master list of everything we eat and then I handed it to Elisheva, and told her to pick anything. Pretty predictable:  she chose an all-out  steak supper, pea soup, h… Read more

Synagogue’s new name pays tribute to Aish rabbi

Article here. Read more

Six Word Saturday: 30 Shevat, 5770

Rosh Chodesh:  Be happy, it’s Adar!!! Read more

Shabbos food by Ted!

Yes, a husband who makes Shabbos… amazing!  All I had to make was dessert and some kind of rice salad (frantically googling as I write this to find one!).We’re at my mother’s for Shabbos dinner this … Read more

Fed the worms… happy worms…

Hum along to that Beatles song; how does it go?  “I fed the worms today; oh, boy…”So!  With much apprehension (quite warranted, given that I have not even looked at the worms in the worm bin downstai… Read more

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