Purim Cards… Part 1

Purim 2010 donation cardsBecause of the every-year craziness of Ted having to deliver 30-something shalach manos (mishloach manot) packages, plus the craziness of our list having expanded to almost fifty this year, I gave up.

My white flag of submission is this postcard, which I mailed this morning to twelve of our not-so-nearest-and-dearest, mostly rabbis and people with whom we don’t have close social connections. In conjunction with creating these postcards and printing them out on dollar-store glossy inkjet paper, I also made a decent-sized (for us) donation to Tomchei Shabbos, a food bank organization here which distributes boxes of kosher food (boxes we received more than once, long ago). That donation is on top of our regular matanos l’evyonim – of course. It is a mitzvah to give tzedakah on Purim, but this is way more than we would have given ordinarily.

The text reads:

It’s not that we don’t love to come straight to your door

It’s just that each year we have more friends and more

And so in your honour we’ve made a donation

So every family can share our celebration

Thanks to Tomchei Shabbos, every family has food

So they can join in with a Purim-time mood

A freilichn Purim from our clan straight to yours

…but we really will miss knocking on all those doors!

Okay, the rhymes are a little off. So sue me; they’re not bad. The usual excuses: it was late…and I was tired.

Tomchei Shabbos actually does sell their own Purim cards, but I didn’t get those for two reasons: 1) Kosher City was all sold out of them when I went on Sunday, and 2) they are not nearly as creative as my own! I actually paid more than what it would have cost for the same number of cards, and provided the paper myself…

Feeling pretty good about myself, as you can tell!

Now to make and assemble 30 baskets of baked Purim goodies… not that anything is baked yet. My mother’s been finished her hamentashen for probably two weeks now. Not me!

P.S. To read the continuation of this fascinating Purim saga, please click here.


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