More planties! First herbs in…

newseeds 002First herbs, plus more coleus.  I sorted out my extensive seed collection in anticipation of next week’s Seedy Sunday, and discovered a few Black Dragon coleus seed from last April.  I still cannot believe how many coleus I’ve lost this winter, though with the heating pad now running downstairs to start these herb seeds, I ought to be able to keep things going from this point.

So you can kind of make out the masking-tape row labels in this flat, but I’ll tell you anyway (The coleus row is one short because that’s all the Jiffy pucks I had left over!  Must buy more tonight!)…

From left (1 column of each):  Black Dragon Coleus (4 pucks); flat parsley (for bugs to eat), curly parsley (for us to eat), Red Rubin Basil, Genovese basil.

Like I said, these are sitting in their own light on the heating pad on the downstairs-kitchen counter, so they should do just fine.  I realize herb seeds probably don’t need bottom heat, but with the temperatures still very cool down there, it can’t hurt.


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