Bear with me, please!

It is just SO exciting when things begin to grow.  I get over it in a month or two, and by the time the world outside is fully green, I  have settled back down to kind-of-normal.

newseeds 009In the meantime… I am thrilled to report that thanks to bottom heat, the basil I just planted on SUNDAY (yup, that’s two days ago) is getting ready to sprout.

Stuff like basil and parsley are okay to start early; they won’t suffer or get too leggy growing indoors.  Tomatoes really must wait ‘till Aprilish.  Yup.  They must.  (let’s see how well I can do at holding out).

Meanwhile, more exciting news from the petunia / lobelia patch!  These teeny tiny seeds have come through and, while not as prodigious as my two-day basil, are poking up their heads at a completely respectable 9 days.  (I just had YM google germination times last night and both can sprout at anywhere between 10-20 days, so NINE is just fine by me!).

(I have provided a 2x magnified view of each of the sprouts in question, but they’re still quite tiny… clicking the picture may give you a better look if you’re interested)

newseeds 005a newseeds 006 

newseeds 007Finally, a coleus update.  From their microscopic start last Thursday, five days later I now have more coleus and bigger coleus. 

There are still many cells that don’t have plants yet, but  more are popping up every day.  Must be the cold… the drawback of the Lee Valley styrofoam seed starters is that you cannot use them in combination with bottom heat.  The styrofoam insultes, so you lose most of the heat, though I suppose the ambient warm air might still be helpful.

Family home – must run and look like I’ve been productive!!!


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