Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Seedy Sunday – the haul!

The first few shots are from the seed swap area alone… amazing!  What an incredible selection… and all free!  I was volunteering in the swap room for 2 hours, so I feel like I did my time and got amply paid.

All the swap seed together:

seedy 001 

Tomatoes only:

seedy 004

Other vegetable seed:

 seedy 003

No pictures of the packets of pea and bean seed, but there were quite a few.

And then these are my “paid” purchases:  a couple of garlics, some zucchini seed… plus some neat knit-and-leather gardening gloves in return for a donation to the Perth-Dupont Community Garden.  That’s where the broken garlics (Music) below came from.  The whole garlic is from Cubits Organics.

seedy 006

… and here’s Naomi Rivka, helping me plant it all!  Well, (l-r) Clematis virginiana, white boneset, nodding wild onion, blue false indigo and bluestem goldenrod.  All native species, though I’m not sure I will actually end up planting them all out.  The boneset does not look lovely, I must say.

 seedy 008

The blue false indigo, actually, didn’t get planted, because the seeds need scarifying.  Lacking sandpaper or any kind of file to rough them up with, I followed the package directions and am currently soaking them in hot water overnight (while letting the hot water cool off).  I will hopefully plant them in the morning.

Oh – I bought some of Gayla Trail’s clever little garden buttons, too… but I’m too tired to take a picture of them now, and one of them (I {heart} dirt) is already missing.  Waah!  :-(((

All in all, a most tiring but successful day!