Thursday, February 25, 2010

First hamentashen

Here are the first hamentashen of the year, going into the oven (yes, at 1 a.m.).

Dough – an incredibly sticky oily dough that is murder to work with until it gets a bit floured up.   Didn’t help that I forgot the sugar.  Doh!  Poured it on top of the finished dough and did my best to mix it in with the hand mixer; dough was flying everywhere.  The final result was a bit crunchy but hopefully the sugar was evenly distributed and it will all come out good in the baking.

doughytashen 008

Cookies – the classic prune lekvar filling from scratch with home-stewed prunes (ew!) and orange zest.

 doughytashen 009

It is truly magical how they turn from cut-out circles into triangles.  I have been doing it so long, I forget how wonderful it is… and then I see the kids watching me and I catch myself out of the corner of my eye, folding them up quick quick quick and remember.  Circle… triangle!  Circle… triangle!  Amazing.

Only one opening up a bit, as you can see here (2nd from the left on the bottom row of 4, starting to gape even before going into the oven). 

I think this is must be a good omen.  May all our hamentashen this year remain intact and tightly closed.

On a very apropos note, I taught Naomi how to make foolproof triangles:  anytime, anywhere.  She was getting frustrated because every time she tried, they’d turn into squares.  So I told her:  make three dots, anywhere; easy.  Now join the dots.  She has been making fancy triangles all day since I showed her!

I never thought about this before… just kind of take it for granted:   how to draw a triangle.  I guess everybody has to learn sometime.