Amazing leaf: Allen Gardens

allentrip 006This is a small section of a HUGE leaf.  You can see the tip of my thumb holding it down so I could take the picture.  I just find it so astonishing that not only is it elaborately quilted, it has a perfect “rolled” hem around its outside edge.

Nice time had by almost all at Allen Gardens today.  Naomi got “stung” petting a cactus that looked like it had smallish fuzzy white spots on its pads.  In reality, each patch of “fuzz” was about a million tiny needles.  Who knew??? 

So she wailed the rest of the time there and part of the way home,with Gavriel Zev feeding her pretzels because her hands didn’t work.  Sara saw spines still in Naomi’s skin even after rinsing a couple of times from a water bottle, but we soaked and washed them well once we got home and I didn’t see anything.  They were still painful, apparently, but she managed to fall asleep in record time. 

Gavriel Zev is still – almost an hour and a half later – lying in bed singing and cooing to his friends.  If he doesn’t fall asleep with nummies, it takes him forever to get there. 

And meanwhile, I’m just sitting here.  Exhausted.

Signs of spring… sigh…

allentrip 003


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