Oh, gosh…

Copy of writing 001 A new low.  I originally opened up this window just to post that it’s 9:30 and I still have to put these kiddies to bed.

And then, suddenly, it was 9:33 and Ted was unexpectedly home (he was planning to go straight to grocery shopping from his pottery class) amid the chaos and, well, it sure didn’t reflect well on me, the alleged grown-up in charge.

But there you have it.  Does this make me negligent?  My kids sleep late in the morning, have a late-afternoon nap and stay up late?  Are we any lazier than people who wake up early, have an early nap and get to bed early? 

Many homeschoolers would say that this is the schedule that works for us… so why does it feel so WRONG to be putting a 2-year-old to bed at 10 p.m.???


  1. Yeah, I'll bet it feels wrong... but unless you like waking up crazy early just because the kids are up, it really is the sensible thing to do.

  2. I'm with you!! Our kids (6, 4, 3, 2) go to bed between 9:30-10, get up between 7:30 and 8:30. We LOVE that schedule!!!!! (Especially me, the night owl.) It is a little bit awkward when, say, you've just moved to a new community and people drop by to say hello after they drop their kids off at school. Um, er, JAMMIES! YES!

  3. I am always running from the door, ALWAYS in my jammies, always calling out, "are you alone?!?"
    No luck if it's a delivery guy or the oven-repair guy who likes to show up 45 minutes early. Then I must run and throw stuff on and find a tichel and explain why everything is everywhere.
    (but who would complain about a GOOD service technician who actually shows up when he says he will - kind of???)


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