Shabbos cook, shabbos bake, have a little Shabbos cake!

challahs 002Once again, Ted’s totally wrangled Shabbos this week, leaving me with mostly the baked goods.

Here’s his food list (* next to Ted-made items):

~ Challah (me; new recipe, and don’t they look AMAZING this week???)

~ * Chicken soup (with kneidlach by ECH)

~ * Ted’s magic chipotle chicken

~ Green beans (guess I should figure out how I’m going to do them – maybe miso again)

~ Corn (always!)

~ Israeli toasted couscous; plain with onion

~ Chocolate-chip cookies

~ Banana cake by YM (yes, I know they both have chocolate chips… )

~ * Apple Compote

And then we’re out for lunch.  An old, old friend (more about her here) who lives about 45 minutes’ walk from here called last night and asked if we’d come for lunch… how could I say no?

All in all, so far a calm Friday afternoon!


  1. Your Challahs look wonderful!

    How did they taste?

  2. Oooh, they were YUMMY! Almost perfect. Almost!


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