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Crazy, but good.

Eli just called to talk to Yerachmiel Meir. Like some other people in the family, YM is very good at hanging on the phone while Eli talks. I am NOT. Very not.Usually I am so in the middle of thing… Read more

A strong Finnish

My aunt is Finnish (well, Finnish-Canadian), and they used to have a New Year’s party at their house every year. Most of the time, kids were invited (they had kids, not much younger than us), but one… Read more


Ted has just informed me that we’re postponing my birthday ‘till next Sunday.  Yee-haw. Read more

Homeschool Heck

Every time Naomi Rivka reads through her new ABC book from Aunt Sara "How to Build an A," when she comes to the X and the picture of the Xmas tree, she reads "X is for... decoration.&q… Read more

Free Handwriting Font Generator

Well, well, well!  After clicking on about 8,000 links promising a “free font generator” I actually found one online!Here’s how it works:  visit the site, print a template, write the letters AS NEAT… Read more

Interesting… interesting… two birds, one stone!

I love Pirkei Avos.  And I am fascinated by Charlotte Mason home education at the moment.A couple of the more “olde-fashioned” aspects of the Charlotte Mason approach focus on memorization and copywo… Read more

Gavriel Zev and the Mermaids

Gavriel Zev, looking at the poster I put up for the play Naomi went to with my mother today:  “Mermaids?”Me:  “It’s Cinderella; she’s not a mermaid.  Mermaids live in the water.”He follows me into th… Read more

Celebrating! Almost finished the alef-bais!

So we’re having a siyum… a party for completing the alef-bais.  I looked ahead on the calendar, and this is the Sunday after our “tav” week, five weeks from now (we started the letter pay this mornin… Read more

Super-nifty Hebrew “Transliterator”

Just discocvered this page: page lets you type in English and it transcribes your text into Hebrew characters.  This will come in very handy for entering Hebrew… Read more

Hey, what a great idea for a yeshiva!

Just found out there’s a yeshiva in LA that’s doing what YM has been doing for the last two years:  homeschooling in the afternoon, but starting each day with a full limudei kodesh (Jewish studies, i… Read more

Daven for…

Our rabbi’s son is seriously ill.  This was someone else’s facebook status and I copied and pasted it because it’s far more eloquent than I could be.Please pray for Menachem Mendel Ben Faiga Rochel. … Read more

Six Word Saturday: December 26, 2009

Maybe I’ll turn forty someday soon. Read more

Farewell, Wall of Woollies

As part of my crazed “Take Back My Bedroom” initiative of getting everybody’s stuff out of what is ostensibly my bedroom (okay, Ted’s stuff can stay), I have finally admitted that the littles are not… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady gets “Seasonal” with City Councillor!

I couldn't help it.  How dumb is it sending out a "Happy Holidays" message the week after Chanukah? ----- Original Message ----- To:  Councillor Joe Mihevc Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 200… Read more

Jewish Homeschooling Going Mainstream

Or at least, being acknowledged in the mainstream Jewish media!  I just found out yesterday that a riff on this largely-incoherent rant about why we homeschool is going to be featured in February’s E… Read more

Sigh... dangers of hand-me-down computers

Sleeptime soon, after an exhausting evening of laundry, followed by searching the Big Boy's laptop for incriminating stuff.  Of which we found very little; a scandalous harry potter fanfic was… Read more

Pizza Night!

Tonight is Lazy Take-Out Pizza Night … but LAST night (Sunday) – wow.  Indian lamb stew (saag gosht?).  Chunks of lamb, spinach, tomato… with basmati rice, storebought samosas and homemade naan bread… Read more

See? See? BT Parents’ Guide to Acronyms…

See what us BT parents have to put up with…?  Further to my “Crazy BT’s Guide to Life” rant a couple of weeks ago, this is a typical letter home from boy-boy’s yeshiva… ostensibly written in English.… Read more

Two old friends, two weddings...

Two old friends are in town this week, for totally different purposes, and from totally different eras of my life. One got married in a religious ceremony in Israel, maybe about six years ago (more … Read more

I wonder…

My mother is taking Naomi Rivka to see a kids' musical production of Cinderella on December 31st.  She bought the tickets in mid-November, and I thought she could maybe save it for a Chanukah sur… Read more

Shabbos Party

Me to Elisheva:  "What can we call a Shabbos Party at our shul if they're not going to let us call it Shabbos Party and they'll make us change it to Shabbat Party?" Elisheva:  &quo… Read more

Oh, wow…

As part of my Charlotte Mason “get outdoors” kick, I decided to get the kids outside as much as possible today.  It helped that it was a beautiful day – amazing, high of only –2, but SO sunny and gor… Read more

is elisheva there?

Frantic sad, sad emails from boy-boy, trapped in the Apple store at Yorkdale:----- Original Message ----- From boy boyTo meSent: Sunday, December 20, 2009 1:31 PM Subject: is elisheva there? I was at… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys a Book in the Airport!

(Okay, this happened a while ago, but I only just got around to writing a complaint letter.  Still, I doubt they’ll ask exactly when I bought the books, and the worst that can happen is that I get no… Read more

Six Word Saturday: December 19, 2009

Sending Chanukah out with a sizzle! Read more

Happy Happy Educational Bday! (to GZ, not me)

While I’ve been waiting for Naomi’s writing practice book (Handwriting Without Tears:  the PreK book is actually called Get Set for School), to arrive, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my ha… Read more

On the Bookshelf

Parenting, Inc. by Pamela PaulA fascinating read which deconstructs the pricey world of premium parenting, largely from a New York City-based perspective.  She does rather tear into baby signing, BUT… Read more

The beginning of the end…

Further to our ongoing discussions about stopping nummies (aka weaning, and I’d better throw in the word breastfeeding here, or Google is never going to pick this up as a lactation-related post), Na… Read more

My New Logo – by Elisheva!

I can tell I’m not going to get a lot of blogging done this week with all the kids coming and going and tons of people grabbing at the computer.  Makes me really seriously crave the $400 notebook com… Read more

Two Naomiisms

Listening to the Putomayo international Sesame Street CD:  "Is this in Hebrew?" Me:  "No, we call this English.  This is the language many of us speak, here in Canada, and the United … Read more

Weather thought...

Just had the thought, "if I lived in Israel, I would take the kids outside more!" And then instantly realized, "no, I wouldn't; it would just be a different season that I couldn&#… Read more

All I want for… whatever!

Okay, I know I’m hard to buy for.To make it easier, I will keep here, on my blog, a list of Things I Might Not Complain About, if Given, for Any Occasion. However, some of these are just wish-list i… Read more

It’s FROTH-o-cheapo time!

While I still prefer my coffee icy and whipped (here’s my standard frapucippo formula, though I was using coffee ice cubes a lot this summer instead), on mornings when I wake up to a 16 degree home, … Read more

I would say Happy Chanukah…

… but my mouth is full of PARTY SANDWICH!!! (Ted’s picture; thank you, Ted!!!) Read more

Enjoy them now!

The people who tell you to enjoy your time with your kids while they’re little… are also the same ones who turn around four years later and look at you like you’re crazy for not dumping them in schoo… Read more

Money, money, money! (for Chanukah)

Elisheva came to me after Shabbos and announced, "you owe me 30 cents!"It’s true.  That’s our Chanukah thing.What we have done going back about maybe eight years now is something I read abo… Read more

Six Word Saturday: December 12, 2009

Happy Chanukah to one and all! Read more

Interview - breast cancer thought

What do you think of when somebody says "breast"? Just interviewed the founder of the Nanny Angel Network, a really worthwhile organization that offers free relief childcare for women goin… Read more

Bejeweled: but who’re you going tell???

Further to my two previous Bejeweled high score posts (107,400 here – under the old scoring system – and 338,650 here), I just scored an amazing, incredible, absolutely unprecedented score of 360,300… Read more

“Menorah in a Box” Craft for Chanukah

Yet another craft idea borrowed from  I love that site!  Without that site, Jewish homeschooling would be WAY  harder and I’d be spending all my time creating curriculum.Naomi invited a … Read more

Why we are the worst relatives…

Okay, look what’s sitting in the front hall right now.  Four boxes, that all arrived when we were at Ms Megan today.  FOUR.Two from Ted’s mother (more razors!), one from my mother-in-law in Calgary, … Read more

What the heck IS this stuff?!?

First snowfall, Winter 2009.   Naomi is insisting it’s winter now, because there’s snow.Gavriel Zev may look like a Boy With Boots in this picture, but they are Naomi Rivka’s   No boots, and they’re … Read more

Quoth Naomi

"Hashem is a special man who wears a crown and picks up the dead people!" Read more

The missing remote

Last night Ted announced that the DVD remote was missing.  No wonder; our bedroom is an unholy mess, with everybody's laundry and diapers and whatnot everywhere, plus everything I have read in th… Read more

Wicked Plants has MY vote!

Love voting for stuff online, but stumped about what to vote for now that you have already cast your routine daily vote for the Children’s Storefront (do it here if you haven’t already)???Well, isn’t… Read more

Best Bejeweled score!!!

Okay, I usually try to keep my blogging mania completely separate from my Bejeweled mania (aka addiction)… but this really is something extraordinary:  338,650.  This is the highest score I have ever… Read more

Gifts for Kids

One of the least rewarding aspects of parenthood is when birthdays are approaching (luckily, we don’t do gifts for Chanukah), you get to be the go-to person.  As the parent, you are the one everybody… Read more

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