Oh, wow…

arlene 022sAs part of my Charlotte Mason “get outdoors” kick, I decided to get the kids outside as much as possible today.  It helped that it was a beautiful day – amazing, high of only –2, but SO sunny and gorgeous, which I discovered because we walked to Naomi’s friend’s house to deliver a letter she painstakingly wrote this morning.

I actually had an indoor activity planned for the afternoon, a seasonal party at the Rumball Early Years Centre, but decided today was too beautiful to waste.

So we walked to Cedarvale, poked at the snow, Naomi boot-skated around on the puddles, we poked holes in ice, watched dogs and chatted along the way.  She got stuck up a slippery hill and I had to come rescue her. 

And somewhere, along the way, she said, “can we have this day again tomorrow?” 

I knew exactly what she meant.

After we visited the Children’s Garden the kids spent some time climbing up and walking on the log they normally only balance on in the summertime (she showed me the spot where she says Moishy “burnt it,” but it doesn’t look burnt, only vaguely paint-smeared), she said, “I’m going to tell Abba at supper time that I had the best day today – of my entire life.”

On the way home, she happily gathered twigs that she was planning to sell for $3.  “I’m going to put them at the curb with a sign that says ‘sticks for your fire,’ and I’ll put a cup out with some money in it so people can take the stic  ks, and take the money.”

Some incredulity on the part of a friend’s father we bumped into on the way home led her to consider perhaps selling them all (her entire armload) for $3, and by the time we got home she was down to 3 cents.  The sticks are outside, and the sign is inside… but right now, I’m making her have quiet reading time on my bed so I can get some supper made.

If this is school the Charlotte Mason Year 0 way… well… good.  Very good.


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