Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys a Book in the Airport!

(Okay, this happened a while ago, but I only just got around to writing a complaint letter.  Still, I doubt they’ll ask exactly when I bought the books, and the worst that can happen is that I get nothing… which is what we already have.)

temp_princessbookWe don't usually buy books for our kids, because we read so many (we use libraries instead!), but when travelling recently with children, I bought two of your Mini People Shape Books in an airport bookstore.  We chose the Firefighter and Princess books, which I thought were a good choice because they were not only cute but informative as well.  They cost $6.99 (Canadian) each, plus tax.

However, I was dismayed to find that the books didn't even last the duration of the return flight before the bindings started to fall apart.  Once home, attempts to re-bind them with clear plastic packing tape proved futile, and the books are now basically worthless, missing covers, and loose cardboard pages on the bookshelf.  I will probably just throw them away because they can't be repaired.

I have never seen board books with such a flimsy binding.  I am looking right now at what's left of the spine of the princess book, and it is is little more than an inch wide, yet presumably designed to hold together several thick cardboard pages almost six inches high.

In my opinion, these are the most poorly-made children's books I have owned in fifteen years of parenting.  We still own many of the board books that I purchased for my first child, almost sixteen years ago, and some remain in great shape.  I'm upset that these two books have proven a complete waste of over $14 and, worse, a disappointment to my children.

Your comments on this product would be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

{moi, the Cranky Complaints-Lady}


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