Happy Happy Educational Bday! (to GZ, not me)

temp_HWTWoodsWhile I’ve been waiting for Naomi’s writing practice book (Handwriting Without Tears:  the PreK book is actually called Get Set for School), to arrive, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my hands on the wooden alphabet-building blocks that you’re supposed to have to go along with the book.

They provide tactile, 3d reinforcement of the book’s letter practice, and besides, look rather cool.  But at $24.99 (US), plus shipping (and wooden blocks are likely to be heavy) dauntingly expensive.

chanukah over 019Then, yesterday, my sister Sara arrived with two (slightly) belated birthday gifts for Gavriel Zev, including this alphabet book, How to Build an A, which includes simple foam blocks that accomplish the same fun –slash - learning goals for less than half the price (I don’t know what she paid, but Amazon is charging $8 and up for a new copy, plus shipping).  Plus, they come with a nifty mesh bag!


So what was the second gift?

She gave him a really incredible arty pop-up book called ABC3D… the kind of gorgeous book that I promptly store on the high-up shelf where kids cannot reach it.  Far too good for kids to get their sticky little hands on.  It truly is an amazing work of art… just not for kids!


Must run – last fireworks tonight!


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