Farewell, Wall of Woollies

wall 001As part of my crazed “Take Back My Bedroom” initiative of getting everybody’s stuff out of what is ostensibly my bedroom (okay, Ted’s stuff can stay), I have finally admitted that the littles are not really wearing their wool diaper covers as much as they used to.

Resolved:  I will take the LONG woollies that are in good condition and hang them up in their bedroom so we can use them as pyjama pants at bedtime.

And as for the rest, the short woollies, the weird homemade woollies, the miscellaneous diaper covers, along with this crazy mismatched stack of fitteds…?

wall 002Gone, gone, gone!  Ugh; I just feel like it’ll take so much energy to find good homes for all these woollies.  And they’re not all in great shape.  Still, I hope somebody will love them.

I will hang hats and other useful things of mine in the woollies’ place.  Maybe, if I’m feeling generous, I’ll let Ted use one for ties.


  1. How well do the woollies work anyhow? I've got a bunch of the plastic/nylon covers and have wanted to try out wool covers but haven't gotten around to it.

  2. With a few caveats, I loved them (and still do).

    Wool is harder to wash - much. It looks old-fashioned and bulky on the baby. You can't fit most regular pants over them, and as my dh discovered, you can't do up a diaper undershirt inside them. :-)

    BUT wool doesn't get dirty easily (they're kind of magical that way), so it doesn't need washing often. Once the baby is post-newborn and not having runny bf poos, you'll usually only need to air it dry and it'll smell fine. Wool both absorbs and repels moisture and with a decent fitted underneath can handle any situation. I also like the way woollies (a la Crats) fit snugly around the legs so that if there IS a diaper explosion, it doesn't leak.

    Forget gussets - give me CUFFS anyday!

    Plus, if you're handy with a serger, you can make them yourself out of used pure wool sweaters!


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