Homeschool Heck

Every time Naomi Rivka reads through her new ABC book from Aunt Sara "How to Build an A," when she comes to the X and the picture of the Xmas tree, she reads "X is for... decoration."  She always kind of looks at me out of the corner of her eye, like I'm going to stop her.  Or like it doesn't exactly sound like the letter X.

So am I going to homeschool hell if I don't stop her?  If I let her read it that way, over and over and over?  To Gavriel Zev, passing the error on to yet another generation.

I’m being tongue-in-cheek, of course.  Eventually, no matter what you do, they figure the whole thing out.  Two weeks ago, Naomi was pronouncing the holiday, “Krissamiss.”  Then, we went to that accursed multi-culti holiday assembly at the school across the street, and fifteen minutes later, she came home saying it the right way.  A loss of innocence.

This blog is going to be awfully short on multimedia over the next few days, because Sara took YM flying today (yay!) and YM left my camera behind in Sara's bag.  I am just SO grateful that it was in the bag that I am not complaining one bit!

Yahrzeit coming up.  With a Y.  Some people spell it with a J.  It makes me crazy.  Some people spell my Hebrew name with a J, too.  Okay, I know somebody named Jael who spells it with a J, and I  have no idea why, but, I don’t mind that one as much for some reason.  But the other two… well… I speak English.  In English, a J is a J as in Jail and Junk.  And it’s NOT a Jar-tzeit.  And I am not a … well… not a “Joe.”  (okay, I am dating myself here, but I always think of Jo from Facts of Life when I think about girls named Jo-anything)

Anyway, somebody I know not only spells it that way, but KEEPS spelling it that way, and it is driving me up the wall this week.  Not that anybody asked.


  1. HEy I ddin't know you mentioned me in your blog!!?!? :)

    Channukah Samaech!
    Ja'el Batyah Hatch :)

  2. Well, my mother - who refers to my Hebrew name as Josepha (like Josephus!) - kept sending me notices about our upcoming Jahrzeit and they were bugging me. I really don't know why some people transcribe it that way (maybe you know?) - it looks kind of German.


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