Why we are the worst relatives…

gifts 002Okay, look what’s sitting in the front hall right now.  Four boxes, that all arrived when we were at Ms Megan today.  FOUR.

Two from Ted’s mother (more razors!), one from my mother-in-law in Calgary, and one from Ted’s sister.

Don’t bother asking how many we’ve sent to these wonderful people.  I have ONE gift sitting here that needs mailing to Calgary; one.

Okay, I always do manage to send something to both extended families; usually, it’s chocolates, at the last minute.  Last year, I think they arrived the first business day AFTER Xmas.

Know why I wait until the last minute to run to chocolate charm and buy a nice box of truffles?

Because Ted’s mother usually ALSO sends money at this time of year (above and beyond the razor blades, shampoo and shaving cream), about $100.  So I take the $100 and mail it back to her in the form of truffles.  I wonder if she suspects…!


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