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temp_mywriting Well, well, well!  After clicking on about 8,000 links promising a “free font generator” I actually found one online!

Here’s how it works:  visit the site, print a template, write the letters AS NEATLY AS POSSIBLE in predetermined boxes for each character, scan the template, upload it at the site and WAAAh-la!  Your own personal lousy messy disaster of a font.

Or three, as I’ve demonstrated at left.  The first two I did are below, but they are way too chunky and the dots kept getting sliced off.  I think the marker should ideally be between these two sizes.

temp_myfontimageIt does look kind of fun and funky (and intentional) with the letters all bunched up together like at right, but if your goal is neatness, well, I would definitely fail Handwriting 101.

Oh – the site is called  I did find another site called YourFonts (not putting a link in here – they don’t deserve one), but they offer a “free trial” or “free sample” or something, and then turn around and charge $10, plus $5 if you want an extended character set. only offers a single page of characters, but at least it really is free.  (at least for now while it’s still in beta so use it now while you can – apparently YourFonts was free last year, too; these days, it most definitely is not)

I decided to try to create a font so I could create Hebrew-verse copywork using the block print that Naomi Rivka is using this year.  She doesn’t seem ready for script, and I don’t want to change things up right now, because she is having so much fun – and success! – with block print.

Anyway, my efforts at creating a font kind of didn’t go so well, so I resorted to simply writing the words and scanning them to put together this preliminary effort.  Very basic, but still… I’m pretty pleased.  Except with the handwriting!  I am such a kindergarten baby in the World of Hebrew!


Eek.  Midnight; I’m supposed to be getting good sleep these days.


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