Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

All I want for… whatever!

Okay, I know I’m hard to buy for.

To make it easier, I will keep here, on my blog, a list of Things I Might Not Complain About, if Given, for Any Occasion. However, some of these are just wish-list items that I’m sticking here just to keep track of them. Big-ticket stuff that I am absolutely NOT asking anybody to buy for me. I just figure if I can visualize it, it has a chance of actually happening… someday.

  • New BBQ (maybe like my current Weber, only in decent shape)
  • temp_scaleDigital scale – must have a nice large area for holding my own bowl; not a skimpy bowl of its own. Here’s a decent-looking one:

Update Jan 3: Yay, and thank you SARA for the SCALE!!!

  • Cooking thermometer(s) – doesn’t have to be expensive!
  • Track lights. Easy, plug-in track lighting that will mount on the ceiling above the table so I can actually see what I’m baking or cooking late at night!
  • Service for 12 – dairy dishes and cutlery. This one has been promised, at least in part, by my mother, who now keeps asking when we’re going to choose stuff. I keep telling her it’s not my birthday yet. Right now, we have literally TWO dairy soup spoons – and one of them frequently goes missing. Given that we have dairy lunches on Shabbos quite frequently, that means we’ve been going through a ton of paper and plastic over the last few years.
  • temp_benchpicBench – okay, maybe not a great gift item, but while I’m wishing… I’d love a bench for the table. With or without storage underneath. Nothing too fancy or formal, though some kind of padding would be nice for those who have to sit on it. I suppose they sell that as an “optional extra.” If it didn’t have storage underneath, wheeled baskets/storage boxes underneath are a must because otherwise, we have nowhere to stash breakfast cereal.
  • Laptop. Ha ha ha. A girl can dream, as long as she laughs about it, right?
  • Headphones! Good-quality, distinctive-looking ones that wouldn’t ever get swiped (preferably with an option to lock them to the computer desk!). I was raised believing that they would permanently destroy your hearing, but I now realize this must have at least in part reflected my mother’s fear of deafness from growing up with her (especially towards the end) very hard-of-hearing father. I also realize that they come in very handy for listening to whatever when kids are sleeping just a few inches away, on the other side of a very thin wall. Ear buds are probably best (do they still call them that?) because then I can wear just one and they don’t clunk my earrings. (just realized also, you can answer the phone with one in, while headphones are a pain to pull off when it rings)

Update Jan 3: Yay! And thank you TED for the HEADPHONES!! They are not earbuds, but they are amazing. Apparently you can get earbuds at the $-store. Who knew?

Added December 24 in the spirit of holiday greedliness:

  • Baking Pans. I am SO sickened by the quantity of tinfoil bakeware we go through around here. Plus, whenever I go to cook something, I have to test all the washed tinfoil to see if it leaks (usually, yes). This isn’t the “frilliest” gift item, but I need a couple of decent deep rectangular lasagna-type pans. Not too huge, but deep. For chili w/cornbread, lasagna, etc. Enough for a good deep 4x4 lasagna. I can think of a few other shapes and sizes that I need to try to replace at least some of the cheesy tinfoil.
  • Pizza/baking stone. I’d probably keep it pareve, so not really for pizza (another one for pizza would be nice, but there is a limit to how much stuff this house will hold). Just for crusts and whatnot if I’m making a nice bread. Doesn’t have to be expensive!

I solemnly vow to add to this list at will, and cross items out as they magically appear in my home!