Sigh... dangers of hand-me-down computers

Sleeptime soon, after an exhausting evening of laundry, followed by searching the Big Boy's laptop for incriminating stuff. 
Of which we found very little; a scandalous harry potter fanfic was the highlight until... .  well, let's just say that the well-meaning relatives who passed the computer along to him are nowhere near as smart as my 15-year-old son, or, at least, his nearly-40-year-old supermama.  Not every "deleted" file from its former owners was 100% gone.  They are now; phew!  I think I rooted them out before he discovered them, but let's just say I know one particular relative just a bit better now than I ever have before...


  1. Oh, my!
    Kinda brings to one's attention that nothing is really private.

    Once my son deleted some pictures from my camera. Great pictures. So great that I cried.
    My husband was able to retrieve some of them with some software, along with photos that I had deleted months ago. So those pictures my 3 year old takes of me at 6 AM when I'm asleep? They can potentially be retrieved! AAAH!


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