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My New Logo – by Elisheva!

I can tell I’m not going to get a lot of blogging done this week with all the kids coming and going and tons of people grabbing at the computer.  Makes me really seriously crave the $400 notebook computer I saw in Staples today.  But not enough to add it to my wish list, even though YM says the Atom is not as wimpy as it sounds.

Anyway, as if to compensate me for my full-time attention, Elisheva was  good enough to redesign my computer sign-on screen logo this evening.  Here’s the old logo:

Mommy's Logo

This is what everybody sees, in miniature, at the Windows logon screen.

And here’s the new logo – super-spiffy!

new monkey logo

Don’t ask me why my logo always includes a Golden Lion Tamarind. 

Oh, wait – it’s coming back to me.  I have a vague memory of her asking if I could be one animal, what would it be.  These are definitely charismatic-looking creatures, with nice hair, but they probably have really awful personal habits, such as excrement-throwing, when you meet them in real life.