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Interview - breast cancer thought

What do you think of when somebody says "breast"?
Just interviewed the founder of the Nanny Angel Network, a really worthwhile organization that offers free relief childcare for women going through breast cancer treatment and recovery.
So now I am thinking - the first thing people think of these days when they hear the word "breast" MUST be "cancer."  With all the organizations and awareness and ribbons etc out there now.
And I'm thinking that's kind of sad.  Shouldn't it be "feeding"?  Or, at worst, "fondling"?
To me, it's similar to people who know nothing about Judaism (isn't it always about Judaism, deep down?) except the Holocaust.
If a non-Jew is going to learn only one thing about Judaism, as many high school students do, I'd rather have them know about Torah, mitzvos, tefillah, Shabbos - anything except the Shoah.
But there is so much funding, so much awareness out there... Holocaust is it in terms of most people's education about Jews and Yiddishkeit.
And it's sad if cancer is all you have learned to think about breasts.