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Just the Suppers...

Wednesday Supper: I was out tutoring so Ted bought Sobey's roast chicken & made potatoes etc to go alongside.  I got home just at bedtime and had a nice supper with Ted.  Leftover Shabbos so… Read more

Wish I had a camera.

Just put Gavriel Zev in the swing with a rice cake.  He was reasonably content but because the temperature is +6, I decided to open the wooden door and let him look out.  I turned the swing to fac… Read more

Ha - Ted's out & we have SUPPER!

On my way out this morning, Ted said "there are perogies in the freezer in case you don't get a chance to make anything." Well, ha.  To me, that sounds a LOT like a challenge! And I… Read more

Taking the boys (& Naomi Rivka) out!

How to entertain a red-blooded 13-year-old video-game addict, his 11-year-old history-buff friend, a nummy-interested baby and a squirrelly spring-yearning toddler?

Bring them to see flowers!!!

That&#… Read more

Weekend without camera...we went MAPLING!

We didn't have a camera, but we DID manage to get out to the sugarbush - aka Kortright maple syrup festival! - before the maple syrup season ended this year. The only problem was, we got there b… Read more

OK, can't keep pouting.

Suppers: Hmm... where to begin? Sunday - pizza at parents Monday - hmm... what was Monday?  Oh, yeah... supper pout failure - matzah brei & macaroni-tuna casserole (which Elisheva made) Tuesday - T… Read more

Fw: plants on Craigslist...

Stood up at a CL pickup today - almost a first for me. Waah. These would have been lovely plants, too. :-(

What a bummy week.

----- Original Message -----

From:XXX (me)
To: XXX (him)

Sent: Monday, March … Read more

OMG, the camera broke

Waaaaaaaaah... How are we going to get along without a camera???  And why do these stupid STUPID okay DAMN stupid LCD viewfinders keep breaking? And why are the warranties so very, very bad??? I am n… Read more

Eco Whatever Thru the Ages

We watched Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home the other day - you know, the funny, spock-directed one where they save the humpback whales.  It was like a window into the 80s.  What struck me was how gent… Read more

Gavriel Zev's Purim costume!

Oh, why, won't blogger let me post more than 4 pics at a time from Picasa???

Anyway, here are shots of Gavriel Zev's costume-in-progress. He's being a sock monkey.

BEFORE shot:
Actually not… Read more

No clue! Last night's supper!

How do they manage to get tantalizing photos of food for magazine & cookbook photo shoots???

These are the best I could do with last night's supper...

The soup was a beef-based barley-mushroom … Read more

Indoor garden update, Part 3

OK, this will be it about the garden and then I'll shut up.

(today, YM got mad about something and said "if I was a plant you'd pay attention to me!") (oh, I remembered why - he wa… Read more

Indoor garden update, Part 2

This is exciting! Elisheva's spider plant is having a baby! I laid it gently on the soil of another pot - the one from her second spider plant that she divided badly (hint: roots go below the… Read more

Indoor garden update, Part 1

Moved some parsley into an orange crate "flat" - this is an experiment. I hope it thrives, although I tried orange crates two years ago in the garden and they did miserably. This is onl… Read more

Wooden spoons

YM lost his tefillin at shul but actually FOUND them today... so immensely relieved, since we definitely can't afford to replace them. I said he was supposed to label them before the day was out… Read more

A movie to miss...

Saw it already, urgh.  CanCon, but still... urgh. Nice that they email these instead of phoning, though!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <sirsi@… Read more

Feeling much better...

Out tutoring last night, then woke up SO painfully engorged at 6:30 - 12 hours since I'd nursed anyone: eek!

Chills, fever, and a bunch of tylenol/ibuprofen later and I'm starting, STARTING … Read more

The Sock Truth

Shhh... don't tell Sara...
we buy mismatched socks BY THE POUND to save money!
(and then have her spend hours on the floor trying to pair them all up)

Bwa ha ha ha ha...
Um, okay. I just had that we… Read more

Blog muse...I'm not telling...!

It's said that every writer should find his / her muse:  the person who you're writing for, theoretically, even if that person will never end up reading that particular piece of writing.  B… Read more

More wetbag (aka zippered lined pouch) pics

Again, I know the zipper is wonky. Forgive me; I'm not perfect just yet.

Oh... exciting!
I have my birthday money from the parents and since the Sewing & Needlework Festival is smack-dab in the… Read more

Ohh, la la... wetbags, MASTERED!

Yay! I have at last mastered the art of the zippered lined pouch, a/k/a wetbag. Here's a small one - I made a pair and I'm giving one away to someone who's buying the stack of wipees un… Read more

Erev Shabbos Snapshots & Shabbos Food

Seen here: challah rising under plastic, chicken soup brought in from the porch (Elisheva's inscription)

Shabbos Food - traditional dinner!
~ Soup
~ Challah
~ Farfel
~ French green bean & onion … Read more

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