Wooden spoons

YM lost his tefillin at shul but actually FOUND them today... so immensely relieved, since we definitely can't afford to replace them. I said he was supposed to label them before the day was out today, but of course, I forgot and they never did get labelled. Tomorrow.

Supper! Oy... just realized I never posted the pictures I took of last night's supper: or did I??? Just checked - nope. Yummy chicken wings and a yummy beefy mushroom barley soup. Will post those next (out of sequence, but oh well).

Here's tonight's supper:
~ Broccoli-Rice Casserole (yummy recipe here)
~ Easy glazed carrots (* recipe below)
~ Slushies! I sent Ted out to finally buy Rosh Chodesh slushies for the kids. They got stuck in traffic & were gone over an hour... but at least everyone knows Adar is here. Too cold for slushies, really, but Adar is Adar. During the winter months, we are not so strict about observing Rosh Chodesh this way; we have to draw the line somewhere. Today was still -2 and miserable, but there was tons of sun, so okay.

Speaking of the sun, I looked up at the clock during supper and realized to my amazement that it was after 7:00!! It felt so early, like we were eating at 4 in the afternoon or something, from the angle of the sun. I don't remember having trouble with the time change like this before.

Easy glazed carrots, in case you care - my own invention and highly salty but yum!
1) Heat oil / butter or combo in pan (NOT nonstick)
2) Add carrots; cook until almost brown but not burnt - do NOT add salt. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon.
3) Sprinkle with a few spoonsfull of chicken soup mix & stir (carrots will be coated with mix and kind of sticky)
4) Add white wine & stir with wooden spoon until the carrots slide around easily in the pan again.
5) Add more white wine until carrots are shiny & nicely glazed.
6) In season, or if you have some sitting around, add fresh parsley - not dried, ick. I suppose dill would be an interesting touch, too, but I've never tried it and can't vouch for the results.

Why a wooden spoon??? I love wooden spoons! For $1, you can buy three of them! And they are almost indestructible in the kitchen. As Alton Brown says, short of catching fire, there's almost nothing you can do to damage a wooden spoon. They don't scratch teflon, they stir gently but firmly - what more could you ask?

You can also do this with green beans and red wine. (Why do I keep typing "whine"?)

Tomorrow is the garden show. Sara's not coming... I guess she went to the website and discovered it's bloody expensive. These shows are such big business... they charge everybody: advertisers, exhibitors, visitors...
I just hope there is something cool to buy. There will be $40 burning a hole in my pocket. ;-)))

<3 J
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