Indoor garden update, Part 2

This is exciting! Elisheva's spider plant is having a baby! I laid it gently on the soil of another pot - the one from her second spider plant that she divided badly (hint: roots go below the soil level). I haven't been able to see what's happening because it's on top of the bookshelf, so I held the camera high up to get a close-up... looks like new leaves are starting to form; maybe some roots, too!

Here are the recovering coleus in their Coleus ICU - I took the sad-looking ones from downstairs and lined them up on the upstairs windowsill. I figured it would be less light but more warmth, and warmth, apparently, is what they need (okay, I also remember to water them a bit more often). All but the farthest-left one are now totally out of the woods.

This may be my last wintersown container - found some of the Amaranthus Velvet Curtains that I have been dreaming of and stuck it in a soda bottle I found at a neighbour's curb last Thursday (recycling day). There are holes in the bottom of the bottle. I just remembered I didn't tape around the bottle where I connected the two halves... oy; I hope that doesn't mess anything up. :-(

World of Coleus!
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