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Just the Suppers...

Wednesday Supper:
I was out tutoring so Ted bought Sobey's roast chicken & made potatoes etc to go alongside.  I got home just at bedtime and had a nice supper with Ted.  Leftover Shabbos soup - squash & chicken mixed.  Nice!
Thursday Supper:
(yes, I finally made supper this week!)
~ Salmon Croquettes
~ Mashed potatoes
~ Elisheva-made rotund rolly cake - mostly whipped cream but YUM!  :-)
Elisheva stayed home today, YM was off in the afternoon, Sara came over, GZ wouldn't sleep... busy day and I am exhausted.  Gnite!
<3 J
Oh - picture-less garden update:
Sprouting this week!
~ Lemon Bee Balm
~ Multicolour sweet peppers
~ New batch of coleus in the tinfoil coleus pan
~ New batch of dill because the old batch doesn't smell!
Oh - my parsleys also aren't smelling much.  I'm wondering if this is something I'm doing wrong?  I ought to taste one to see if I need to start those all over again, too.
Growing well!
~ Teddy bear sunflowers
~ Single leftover Purim sunflower
~ Gaillardia
~ Red & pink coleus (but NOT the frilly)
Coming along slowly...
~ Double-decker echinacea; three leaves but no further progress
~ Butterfly bush - buddleia, just seems to be sitting there.  No more leaves, but they are bigger
~ Petunias - ditto - leaves are growing much bigger now - slowwwwwwly...
Going downhill:
~ Frilly coleus - all are dying - why???
Next up:
~ Starting tomatoes next week!!!  I have so many kinds!  Resolution:  label every pot so I keep track of which is which!
In full bloom:
~ Two Superstore Hydrangeas - $4.99 each, wow!  Didn't plan on having hydrangeas, but why the heck not!  One pale, one hot pink.
~ Mantel Hyacinths... atoning for throwing away last year's hyachinths with some hot pink ones that are slated to go out in the garden when they're done.
SO MANY SEEDS!  It's a cliché to say "so little time" but oy, vey... what's a lousy lazy gardener to do?  :-)))
Already I feel bad for not planning to save tomato seeds this year.  I just figure I'll be too busy, but maybe I will do it.  The way Claire showed us is so easy - no soaking or anything, just squoosh the seeds out of a very ripe tomato.  But then how do you dry them and pack them up???  Hmmm... stuff to think about.  At least I'm thinking about saving them and not just buying or finding new ones each year.
Oh, also - we sat down and drew out the Garden Plan for the year.  So Ted can start building beds and we can think about where my new trellises (ok, not yet bought or built) can go.  Looks lovely on paper...