Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Fw: plants on Craigslist...

Stood up at a CL pickup today - almost a first for me. Waah. These would have been lovely plants, too. :-(

What a bummy week.

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Well, honestly, that's just plain not nice. I hadn't heard back from you this morning, so I called him before going out to make extra-sure you guys would be there.

Then, about 12:30 at the Convention Centre, I called his number to find that not only weren't you there, but that you weren't interested in selling at the price I mentioned in my very first email.

I do apologize for not sticking around (did I mention the baby, toddler & friend waiting in the car?). The whole deal just seemed too complicated by the lack of clear communication at your end. Ultimately, we just came home.

I'm sure this must have been an astonishingly busy week for you guys (I attended the show on Thursday & had a great time!)... but I'd recommend you not try to sell anything on Craigslist unless you're in a position to follow through. :-(

Take care,


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OK, we did get a lovely visit to Riverdale Farm out of the doomed plant pickup. Realized too late, though, that I'd rather go to Allen Gardens. Maybe next week! I just keep thinking it will be wonderful warm and sunny next week. So far, though, it looks like more of exactly the same:

Another Supper Failure tonight:


Matzah Brei.

Gack. Elisheva is making macaroni-and-tuna casserole in protest.