Blog muse...I'm not telling...!

It's said that every writer should find his / her muse:  the person who you're writing for, theoretically, even if that person will never end up reading that particular piece of writing.  Because you use a different voice for speaking to different people in your life, and some are more formal, some are too informal, etc.  I realized the other day that one particular beloved person is the muse for this blog.  I have known for a long, LONG time that this person - who will remain nameless:  maybe it's YOU! - is an inspiration in so many ways, but I suddenly realized that (he/she) is also, subconsciously, the person I'm writing this blog to.  Or rather, "to" because he/she may or may not be aware that I actually have a blog.
Oy.  I guess it's confusing.  But it's nice to know who the muse is, because now I can just pick up the conversation easily where we left off... and I know exactly who my audience is, even if he or she (!!!) has no clue.
So there.
This is meeeeeeee... going to bed.  Sooooooooooooooooooooon.
<3 J

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