OK, can't keep pouting.

Hmm... where to begin?
Sunday - pizza at parents
Monday - hmm... what was Monday?  Oh, yeah... supper pout failure - matzah brei & macaroni-tuna casserole (which Elisheva made)
Tuesday - Ted was off - Ted-made stir-fry!  (I was out tutoring & had stir-fry waiting for me when I got home)
Wednesday - quiche night - tinned spinach w/fried onion, nuked veggies on the side
Thursday - Purim - tonight!  Umm... oh, yeah, Shake n' Bake chicken
Camera still broken.  Lame-o "estimate" from Nikon people says it's too expensive to fix but they'll give us an upgrade to a new camera for $120.  Same deal they gave us last time.  Aargh.  Meanwhile, for Purim, I had Ted buy a disposable camera.  There are NO choices here, that's the lousy part.  Either buy an inexpensive film camera and spend a ton on developing lousy pictures, spend $100-120 for a digital camera and have it break in 6 months, or waste $10-12 on processing-included disposables.  Ten of them would pay for a digital camera.
Mind if I swear?
I hate this situation.  I feel broken.
Mary asked a while ago what Naomi wanted for her birthday - I wonder if I can say she wants her picture taken???  But I think perhaps that window of opportunity has already passed (her birthday having come & gone a month ago and all).
Taanis Esther today - must eat lunch before the fasting kids come home.  What a switch from all those years when I was fasting & had to feed them... weird!
<3 J


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