Indoor garden update, Part 3

OK, this will be it about the garden and then I'll shut up.

(today, YM got mad about something and said "if I was a plant you'd pay attention to me!") (oh, I remembered why - he was late going out to meet Sara and go to the NFB together, and he'd neglected to think about or ask for TTC fare... aargh)

So here are the original 3 coleus who started it all. I call them (left to right) Frilly, Reddy and Orangey-Pink. The stems have gotten quite thick. They do look a bit mangy where I've taken bits off, but actually, they're really getting quite leafy now. I've left them alone for a good couple of months now in preparation for going back out into the garden.

Close-ups of the three types (best example of each):



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