Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Ha - Ted's out & we have SUPPER!

On my way out this morning, Ted said "there are perogies in the freezer in case you don't get a chance to make anything."
Well, ha.  To me, that sounds a LOT like a challenge!
And I've been thinking about his idea that cutting wheat and dairy might be very good for Yerachmiel Meir, based on their experience on Taanis Esther, when by the end of the day, YM was calm & clear-headed, compliant and totally non-argumentative.  Unlike himself in every way, in other words.  I thought it was just due to hunger, but Ted thinks maybe there is something to the "wheat-n-dairy" thing.
I am more leery of it because a) how could so many people suddenly develop an intolerance to what has been such a staple of our diet for millennia???  And then there's b) how do you go about changing the diet of an opinionated 13-year-old???
Anyway, I figure I can start by offering a few non-wheat, non-dairy meals each week.  Last night was a rough start - no dairy but PASTA.  So tonight I figured I'd use Ted's new Tofurky sausages to make:
~ Minute Rice brown rice
~ Gluten-Free cornbread
However, it turns out that the sausages have a big chunk of wheat protein in them.  Sigh... this stuff is hard to get away from.
Anyway, we're definitely doing dairy-free, even though this looks like the kind of stuff that would benefit from a little sprinkling of something melty.  And what's cornbread without butter?  But we'll try it and see...
<3 J