More wetbag (aka zippered lined pouch) pics

Again, I know the zipper is wonky. Forgive me; I'm not perfect just yet.

Oh... exciting!
I have my birthday money from the parents and since the Sewing & Needlework Festival is smack-dab in the middle of Pesach this year, I decided I'm going to take the $$$ and go to the Canada Blooms garden show instead on Ted's day off this Thursday (ok, no more links!)

There is a workshop on "Vertical Vegetables" at 11:30 am - sounds like fun!
I didn't want to go cuz I thought it would be mostly flowers, but now it seems like there might be something for everybody...
except maybe crappola gardeners like me.

Lucky you don't have to show credentials or photos of your past gardening successes to get in. Doubt my powdery-mildewed bee balm would pass muster. :-(

OH, yes! The birthday money will more than cover cost of admission... leaving me with a certain cozy sum left over for just plain squandering!!!
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