OMG, the camera broke

How are we going to get along without a camera???  And why do these stupid STUPID okay DAMN stupid LCD viewfinders keep breaking?
And why are the warranties so very, very bad???
I am not exceptionally abusive with cameras, but there is everyday wear and tear and in this case, one bump and they are DEAD dead DEAD.
Shabbos Food:
Garlic/onion parmesan bread
Canneloni with spinach/ricotta filling & ez sauce (2x tins sauce, 1x tin tomatoes)
Bean salad (from mommy)
Fruit salad
YM-made Tiramisu - he did a great job!
4-layer white-brown cake - I baked the layers, Elisheva iced with chocolate icing
My heart is SO not in this suppers thing at the moment... SO sad about the camera??
Steak salad
Carrot salad
pasta salad
YM-made brownies - another great job, he used OJ instead of water.
Guests admitted to Ted this morning that they don't eat meat... WHY!!!?! don't people mention this ahead of time...???
Ironically, last week's guests said they don't eat dairy, after I'd lovingly prepared tortellini salad.
If only I had switched the weeks somehow.
SO sad.
So very, VERY sad about the camera.  It is easily my favourite possession and now it is GONE. 
Here is one of the final pictures from it.
<3 J :-(((


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