Feeling much better...

Out tutoring last night, then woke up SO painfully engorged at 6:30 - 12 hours since I'd nursed anyone: eek!

Chills, fever, and a bunch of tylenol/ibuprofen later and I'm starting, STARTING to feel human again.

Called mommy to beg her to make us supper, but she was out & hasn't phoned back, so I guess we're on our own, and I'm okay to make it as long as the littles don't bug me too much.


Sticky chicky wings with same teriyaki sauce as last Shabbos
Umm... supposed to be beef/veg soup but no veges in the house. Urgh.

Remembered today that I invited the parents for Shabbos dinner this week, AND Judy, and now Sara... oh, well; that's only 4 extra and Sara will be here to help cook! Oh, and guests for lunch, too. Can't just have ONE person; we have to invite a million at a time! If you think that's not a problem, well, you've never seen our living room.

Dug up these costumes on Sunday. Mary bought them for YM & EC when they were babies; size 2 and size 3 matching leopard costumes. It's a cheapo copout but I am thinking of zipping Naomi into one and having Elisheva do her face. She's both excited and nervous about "being a cat for Purim."

We've started practicing Mah Nishtana! She said today, "at Pesach I will stand up at the table and sing Maoz Tzur." I reminded her that Maoz Tzur is for Chanukah time and she got flustered and embarrassed. She actually remembers most of it from last year - amazing!

Must run while the littles sleep.

<3 J
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