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A room of one’s own

One of the tragedies of living in a small house in January is the desperate, DESPERATE, D*E*S*P*E*R*A*T*E craving for privacy.And what has happened a couple of times this week is this head-t0-head be… Read more

Six Word Saturday: 16 Shevat, 5760

Sad, sick, or just… really LAZY??? Read more

Bringin’ Home the Bakin’ (for Shabbos)

Trying out a new challah recipe, and also baking up another “new pareve banana cake,” along with a chocolate-mousse pie (with toasted pecans hidden inside).  I hope to also get an apple kugel made at… Read more

I love this dvar Torah – parshas Beshalach

Came across this dvar Torah by Chief Rabbi of England Lord Jonathan Sacks (text and audio available at that link) while looking for my regular parsha audio show with Rabbi Phil Chernofsky at IsraelNa… Read more

Daily “Classroom” Weather Bulletin Board

Still a work in progress (UPDATE:  see below for finished picture), but I wanted to start introducing weather and days of the week in Hebrew.  We’ve been doing them in English since September, and I … Read more

A wow risotto supper – under pressure!

Why is this pressure cooker feeling giddy???Doesn’t it look like one of those Disney animated teapots with the “tongue” hanging out and the cartoonish “nose” right  in the centre?It’s probably just t… Read more

Chamisha Asar (“Tu”) b’Shvat plans

For some reason, Israelis are more likely to call this Tu b’Shvat… the yeshiva world seems to prefer the name “chamisha asar b’Shvat.”  No clue why.It wasn’t what I was looking for, but I just stumbl… Read more

Poor social skills

So this thing at shul last night kind of brought out all my insecurities… big time.On the one hand, I was there as a professional, a writer, so that is a great disguise to bring anywhere.  Whip out t… Read more

Meal Plan Monday: 10 Shevat 5760

Last week was INCREDIBLE!  I felt so free every day not having to think about the dreaded question:  “what’s for supper?”So let’s give it another go this week, shall we?  As before, I will provide a … Read more

Taking parenting tips from… me

Apparently, I used to be a good parent.  Way back, about seven years ago… I used to be somebody wise and patient and insightful.  Here’s something I wrote back then.  You can also read it at Aish.comRead more

Six Word Saturday: 9 Shevat, 5760

Late night coffee, Torah chat…Bzzzzzzzzz! Read more

FARMVILLE Commercial!! (Ad Parody)

YM passed this along to me. It is SO true... but I can't stop playing! Why???
Fun games? No thanks... I'll be playing FARMVILLE! Read more

Shabbos Food

Shabbos Food Dinner Challah (new recipe) Chicken Soup w/Kneidlach Brisket Shnitzel thighs Corn Green beans Lunch Cold chicken Sprouts salad Broccoli Corn salad Cholent Desserts Blubbery Pastries Choco Chip Banna C… Read more

Oh, yeah…

So I totally neglected to mention that Naomi is reading.I didn’t want to push her, but I thought with a little encouragement, she could be doing a bit more, so I jumped in and bought the first series… Read more

Sproutin’ time is here again…

Yup, that time of year when I’m desperate for any growing things.  For the taste of something tiny and fresh.Here are the seeds yesterday morning; slightly sprouted!  You can just see the tails begin… Read more

After a fight…

Well, not even a fight really,  just me YELLING at the kids, which I cannot believe I have been doing lately.  I just feel stretched so thin.So Naomi cried a bit and then picked herself up and went a… Read more

Pretty Dull Reading…

Want to know what the halacha says about full-b0dy scanners in airports?  Not much, apparently.  Nevertheless, several rabbis were happy to weigh in.Read my CJN article here. Read more

Toddler theology takes on… Sin!

Sitting in the car, we ended up talking about kosher… whether certain foods are or are not kosher, what animals are kosher - “are pigs kosher?  are cows kosher?  are horses kosher?”There was a minute… Read more

Inquiring souls want to know!

I’m getting a lot of visits directed from the blog “”. I’m totally curious and would love an invitation, as blogger is telling me right now that it’s blocked and I need an … Read more

Assumptions of Frumkeit

Way in the deep-dark pompous past, my first husband and I knew a young girl (16 or 17?) who we wanted to be makarev (reach out to, spiritually).  I didn’t know much about her except she went to a pub… Read more

All the Suppers… so far

My LIST of all the suppers!Updates:NEW LOGO January 26, 2011 – added for inclusion in the Menu Plan Monday linkup.  See it here, and click HERE to see my most recent Menu Plan Monday entry!List text … Read more

Meal Plan Mondays: 3 Shevat, 5760

This is just a rough outline.  I plan to go back and fill in details as I decide, day by day.  Meanwhile, here goes… great leap off the cliff called Getting it Together.For the week of 3 Shevat/Janua… Read more


(stand back… I feel an attack of intolerance coming on!)If I was a bigger troublemaker, which I am not, when I met somebody with young children who was working outside the home, here’s what I’d say:“… Read more

My Education in Art

I know I already raved the other day about this terrific kids’ art book (one of a series!) that I picked up a week ago for 99 cents at Value Village.HOWEVER.I have to say… I have been reading two pag… Read more

Two Tidying/Organizing Memes…

OrgJunkie’s 28-day organizing challenge for February 2010.I’m scared.  But this place needs it.  I’ll be honest:  I have not been in the bathroom downstairs in weeks… because the way is totally block… Read more

Gaaaaah! I can’t! Cannot do it anymore!

I have to say it!  I can’t stop myself!  Last year, I made it ‘till February 4th, but a series of warm days this week have totally messed up my seasonal “navigation system,” and I have to HAVE TO sho… Read more

Boy, erev Shabbos

Two swollen cans of stir-fry vegetables.  Which you’ll be happy to know I refused to use for the massive oven-fried rice dish I put together for the neighbourhood Carlbach Shabbos potluck.  So YM ask… Read more

Summer 2010 Coleus: potted and ready to go!

Well…here are the first 12, potted up and ready to shift to the greenhouse downstairs. There are probably at least 12 more in glasses still on the windowsill.  Hopefully, I’ll get to them tomorrow.Th… Read more

Six Word Saturday: 2 Shevat, 5760

Naomi, age 4, at bedtime tonight (tears in her voice), “I do not want to change… I want to grow up and eat lollipops.”I know it’s more than six words… but don’t we all? Read more

How do you say irony in Yiddish?

I hate calling things ironic, just like I hate calling something a dilemma.  Both words are way overused.  People say “dilemma” for just about any type of problem, and as I will tediously point out (… Read more

Shaggy Mop-Haired Boy…

And no, it’s not the one you’d expect!  Though there is unruly blond unmanageable hair, this is actually a photo of Big Boy-boy, about twelve years ago, showing off his magnificent bigness by climbin… Read more

Thaw day

OMG, what an incredible relief it is to see THIS on the thermometer outside: It just makes you feel ALIVE, that’s what.So here’s what else is brewing around the house at the moment…Wooden front door … Read more

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