Meal Plan Mondays: 3 Shevat, 5760

This is just a rough outline.  I plan to go back and fill in details as I decide, day by day.  Meanwhile, here goes… great leap off the cliff called Getting it Together.


For the week of 3 Shevat/January 18:

Monday:  Chicken & roasted steak-cut potatoes; squash and chicken soup (mmm!)

Tuesday:  Carrot/ginger soup, fresh “ciabatta” bread, tortellini casserole with spinach/cottage cheese and tomato sauce (mmm!  but took WAY long to cook; we didn’t eat ‘till 7:00ish :-o)

Wednesday:  Chili w/Cornbread (meat)… except I decided to be lazy and do the cornbread from a mix (PC Organic Corn MUFFIN mix; yeah, I guess I didn’t read that closely enough) and the mix was super-sweet and it tasted like Chili with Cake.  Not a bad combo!

Thursday:  Homemade Pizza

Shabbos!  TBD

You’ll notice I’m keeping it simple.  Nothing fancy for now.  And to make choosing food easier, I hope to go back, look through every Suppers post, and list all the supper dishes in a single post.  I have done this before, but it was a Loooooong time ago.

In case you’re curious, and missed it twice in the previous paragraph, here is a link to All the Suppers so far – last updated, as of almost exactly TWO years ago. 

Suppers have become a lackluster affair here, and I hope to get back some of the fun of cooking by organizing our meals a bit.  Let’s just see how THAT works…


  1. Aren't we having Pickled Briskit on Shabbos???? Your loving husband!


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