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Daily “Classroom” Weather Bulletin Board

weekdays 002Still a work in progress (UPDATE:  see below for finished picture), but I wanted to start introducing weather and days of the week in Hebrew.  We’ve been doing them in English since September, and I figure the Hebrew isn’t harder; just different.

So I have taken down our trusty Dollarama “weather poster” (as seen in previous posts here and here) and adapted it to its new bilingual life.

In addition to wanting Hebrew weather, I have been increasingly disturbed by the fact that this weather chart doesn’t give any indication of how bitterly COLD the weather is outside.  Elisheva refused to change it to “Sunny” the other day because she said it didn’t count if it was cold out.

So I have cobbled an entire (smallish) bulletin board display together, introducing a thermometer, a swivelling “pointer” for hot and cold weather, Hebrew “captions” on each of the weather signs (except “Partly Cloudy,” “Foggy” and “Night”), and Hebrew days of the week at the bottom.  (I didn’t notice until I hung it up how weirdly disproportionate the words “ha-avir ha-yom” are at the top, compared with “mah mezeg”… what is with that?)

Anyway.  Overall I think it looks nice, if a little homemade.  It is homemade; I will not be ashamed of that!

The thermometer is not not finished yet in this picture, in case you’re wondering.  I printed paper-doll figures that I hope to have Naomi dress and colour in seasonally appropriate garb, and then I will glue them on, the “summer” one higher and the “winter” one lower on the thermometer I drew on.  I will also add the words “kar bachutz” (cold) and “cham bachutz” (hot) to label the appropriate paper doll.

Here are the other weather inserts we put together (I printed them, Ted stuck them on… with the help of Naomi’s unreliable translations):

weekdays 001 

They do sell Hebrew days-of-the-week posters.  They also sell Hebrew weather posters.  But I wanted one that did it all – or almost all… and now this one does!

Meanwhile:  kar po.  Heat’s off for the night, it is crazy cold outside, and right here in the living room, the temperature is down to 16 and my fingers are going stiff.  Off to fold laundry and watch ER in the warmth of my bedroom (we have space heaters in our room and Elisheva’s, the two coldest because they’re at the back of the house.  Before anybody says anything, I have checked:  the littles’ room stays warm and cozy year ‘round).    (oh, and YM does not need heat, apparently; he sleeps with his window open almost year ‘round)

So g’nite!

Oh.  Speaking of weather… tom0rrow’s expected HIGH:  minus 10 degrees.  Yes, high.  Yes, ten.  Okay, that’s Celsius.  It’s still bloody cold.

UPDATE:  Ta-da!  The finished poster!


p.s.  The paper doll cutouts, clothes, etc are free printables at!!!  Terrific site! 

The Hebrew words are downloaded from

1) Small weather words from “Calendar chart / flashcards” here

2) Days of the week from “Classroom Calendar” here

3) Bit weather words and title from “Today’s Weather Bulletin Board” here

A bit of work to put together, but I am very satisfied…