Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

I love this dvar Torah – parshas Beshalach

Came across this dvar Torah by Chief Rabbi of England Lord Jonathan Sacks (text and audio available at that link) while looking for my regular parsha audio show with Rabbi Phil Chernofsky at

(here are many, MANY back “issues” of Phil Chernofsky’s Torah Tidbits Audio shows, in case you’re interested… he’s always lively and easy to follow, and sometimes fascinating)

Anyway, I particularly enjoyed what Rabbi Sacks had to say because it ties together a few thoughts that I was having following this reading (also by Rabbi Sacks) that we had to do for a learning group that got together last motzaei Shabbos. 

The one we had to read was over twelve pages long, and that’s with very tight margins (but very illuminating and erudite, I promise!)… while this dvar Torah, on the other hand, is an easy eight minute listen / read.

And I love it because  he points out that Torah and science aren’t here to contradict one another… and that sometimes believe in science (even seemingly “heretical” explanations of the wonders of this week’s parsha) can actually illuminate and strengthen one’s faith.

Did I just use the word “illuminate” twice in this post?  Well, sue me.  It’s 2 a.m., my hands are STILL freezing, and I am STILL on my way to do laundry before bed.