Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

After a fight…

newsprouts 001Well, not even a fight really,  just me YELLING at the kids, which I cannot believe I have been doing lately. 

I just feel stretched so thin.

So Naomi cried a bit and then picked herself up and went and sat at the table with the watercolours and a marker and wrote “heart-imma-exclamation-mark.”

So I wrote “heart-Naomi-Rivka-heart.”

And we loved each other for the rest of the day.

Post-script:  YET AGAIN, she has woken up soaking, under soaking sheets, on top of soaking sheets, with stuffed animals wet in the bargain… I found her soaked underpants and asked her and this time she came up with the ridiculous lie:  “they were on under my diaper.”

Well, NO.  That is not true.  What happened is she got up after bedtime and TOOK OFF THE DIAPER again.  And then had an accident again.  I feel like I am trying everything, stickers for dry nights, gentle encouragement that she’ll be ready whenever she’s ready, angry admonition that I am SICK of washing sheets.  Oy, am I.

Nothing works.

But I do love her at moments like the above-left piece of paper.