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Utterly shameless!

Wow, I have no shame.  The following contains promo plugs for various things and I’m doing it to win a contest, so bear with me.This great balcony gardening blog (which I genuinely do read all the ti… Read more

Slugproof Foliage: Columbine (bad) vs Astilbe (good)

All the slugs and snails and whatnot – well, I still find them flattering, and I’m happy they love my garden so, but the foliage is definitely suffering this year.Here is a mottled, leaf-mined, slug-… Read more

Moment of Terror

“Jennifer!”[Have I mentioned I hate my name?  I know that even if you’re given a terrible name at birth, something like Brandi or Teena or whatever (apologies to Brandi, Teena or whoever) you can ove… Read more

There is no hole

Is that the terrifying part about death?  The sad part about losing someone close? There is no hole.The space he once occupied – simply isn’t there anymore.Like a river, it closes around him, engulfi… Read more


With four phone calls, the screech of a taxi’s tires, screaming from Gavriel Zev, who has been restless all night, and from Naomi Rivka, wakened by Gavriel Zev’s screaming, the cat-sitting adventure … Read more


our smugness over the fact that we're composting in the backyard and therefore our garbage, compost, etc., aren't overflowing even now in the midst of a garbage strike. Pause. Take a breath. D… Read more

Sweet, sweet, sweet potato how-to

The further adventures of our rooted sweet potato!Sweet potato vine is one of the trendiest outdoor “fill” plants for containers at the moment.  But those are “fancy” varieties with purple or lime-gr… Read more

Capsicum Annuum “Explosive Ember” Hot Pepper

Read more

Container Magic

I love this container!  I planted it up earlier this season with a “whirling butterflies” gaura, encliandra (dwarf) fuchsia – which has yet to show any signs of flowers – and a deep, dark coleus. The… Read more


Don’t love yellow flowers, especially this shade, and all of a sudden what I thought was a coneflower opened today to  reveal:  Evening Primrose.  Gaaah!  Hopefully, someone from Freecycle will want … Read more


She is coming back on Monday on the condition that I give her a ride in from the airport.  Really MUST get rid of this "pushover" tattoo on my forehead. Or become a better person, I guess,… Read more

Lethargic Summer Shabbos Menu

I cannot do the cats any longer.  Cannot.  Cannot.  Really can not.  It is ruining my life.  Ted got scratched badly twice yesterday, and Elisheva today (that seems to be the extent of my cat-rela… Read more

What’s this? Of *course* it’s erev Shabbos!

You know it’s erev Shabbos when… the high-quality, name-brand faucet handle simply comes off in your hand. Please ignore the filth.  My kitchen isn’t that dirty… it always looks bad in close-up.  The… Read more

Jfer’s Field of Dreams

If I grow it, corn will come… That’s right:  now that the warm weather is here, SFG Bed #1 has become my CORNFIELD.  Apparently, it’s better to grow corn in blocks rather than rows (improves cross-po… Read more

SFG Update

Looking more lush, but blighted as usual… leaf miners in the chard (I cut it down in the hope against hope that it will grow back), stunted beets, bolted spinach, bizarre fungi…  leaving me even more… Read more

Taking Advantage

May I just say how much I really, really, REALLY dislike when kids assume that stuff is "theirs" for the taking.  Just opened my camera to take out and recharge the batteries only to disc… Read more

Broken Peony

In the end, we only got one blossom this year.  And now, the rain got it and it’s finished. Read more

Something’s Rottin’!

I finally declared Composter #2 to be officially FULL.  We’ve been piling stuff in since March, and I topped it off the other day with two bags full of Starbucks grounds (they just told me to dig thr… Read more

Garden roundup

Today’s high:  definitely petunias!  The smell of them as I walk through the door in the evenings… mmm… they smell, well, as I keep saying, like CANDY.Since I blew my original stock of seed on this y… Read more

Even EASIER cheaper than ever Sub-I planter

(self-watering, that is!)Let’s just see if it works.Ingredients:~ Large tub (free by the side of the road yesterday) ~ Recycle bin (old model; free from the city)~ 12 small square pots (free at curb;… Read more

Erev Shabbos Homegrown Bouquets

Two this time – we ate at my mother’s house so I brought the one on the left to her.   The salvias were pretty droopy; they’re just about finished for the year now. Read more

A movie? What's that?

We never go to movies; well, almost never.  But tomorrow night, my sister has agreed to babysit, so now the big question is... WHAT MOVIE? And the other question is, how can I cash in these 4-bazil… Read more

Homeschooling Jewish Subjects

In response to a discussion of rabbinic objections to homeschooling in the area of limudei kodesh (Jewish subjects): "My own fear is that probably many rabbanim would say I'm not qualified … Read more


We are not even halfway through 2009 and already I have more blog posts in 2009. Maybe I need a shrink, not a blog. Read more


From the May 2nd, 1930, issue of the Canadian Jewish Review.  This is my grandparents.I guess “Lapin fur” is euphemism for BUNNY.I have never heard of my grandfather’s mother referred to as Jennie!  … Read more

Oh. Well.

Morbidly checked the website of the Jewish funeral home in another city, just in case the person I'm cat-sitting for had lost the relative she went to that city to take care of.  And there it w… Read more


Just found this while getting everything off the sinking ship of my old Geocities site (no, I’m not putting a link here; sorry!!!)It’s a mock “newspaper” Ted and I did for my father’s 60th birthday, … Read more

Sub-irrigated Planters Update

Three weeks and a bit later, and here’s what we’ve got…Planter 1:  Children’s Garden Roma tomato, plus store-brought broccoli seedling.Planter 2:  “Early Tiny” cherry tomato, plus Sweet Chocolate Swe… Read more

Fruit from seeds

A quick update on the fruits I am growing from seeds.  Well, two plants / trees:~ A lemon, just a plain old lemon.  I presprouted a bunch of seeds, but only one made it.  At left, on May 26, and at r… Read more

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