Lethargic Summer Shabbos Menu

I cannot do the cats any longer.  Cannot.  Cannot.  Really can not.  It is ruining my life.  Ted got scratched badly twice yesterday, and Elisheva today (that seems to be the extent of my cat-related learning from experience:  get out of the way in time to let the assistant get scratched!)
Today, I yelled at the littles because they were poking their faces up close to watch as I tried to shove the pills down the cats' throats.  Gaah.  And now I am just SAD.  I guess the broken faucet doesn't help in that direction, though Ted stopped by in a work van (creepy!) to try to get a new part from Home Depot.
Their owner called just now to beg me to let her stay "a few more days."  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.
The official excuse is that the last couple of weeks have been quiet because everyone's off school, but now our family's summer programs are beginning on Monday and we will be busy, busy, busy.
Of course, that's not entirely true, because of the strike. 
What we won't be doing next week:
~ Naomi's Riverdale Farm daycamp, every afternoon except Canada Day, July 1 - waited an hour to register for this!!!  >:-(((
~ Yerachmiel Meir's computer daycamp, two weeks except Canada Day, July 1
~ Naomi Rivka's swimming lessons (Tuesday?)
~ Naomi Rivka's gymnastics class (Thursday?)
~ Going to Riverdale Farm
Potential outings next week with all 4 kids:
~ Science Centre (free pass good 'till June 30)
~ Pioneer Village (free pass good 'till June 30)
~ Reptilia (either 2 for 1 deal or $4 off discount coupon)
And here's the Shabbos menu:
~ Challah (already mixed, doing 1st rising now)
~ Soup w/kneidlach (YM did kneidl mix already)
~ Potato Kugel
~ Corn (it's not Shabbos without the corn!)
~ Shake n' Bake Chicken (Ted marinated in garlic mayo overnight)
~ Fudge Bar Cake from Sobey's
~ Brownies made by Elisheva
~ Some type of Frozen Dessert made from scratch by me right now once I get off my blog and start working.
~ Blintzes (from frozen)
~ Garden lettuce, if I can find any that hasn't bolted
~ Hmm... one more type of veggie thing???  Po salad?  Bean salad?  Corn salad???  I'm stuck!
~ Same desserts as at night
And there it is.  Now I just have to go make it all and we're set!!!


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