A movie? What's that?

We never go to movies; well, almost never.  But tomorrow night, my sister has agreed to babysit, so now the big question is... WHAT MOVIE?
And the other question is, how can I cash in these 4-bazillion "Scene" points I have accumulated using my debit card so the movie is actually free?
The problem with NEVER going to movies is that I not only don't know what's playing, but also that I have no clue what each movie is about, even to sort them roughly, by genre?  Okay, I've heard of UP - the kids went to see it last week - but everything else, no clue.  Year One?  What's that about?  It becomes a laborious process of clicking on each moving and reading the review to decide if it's even the kind of movie I might be interested in.  Departures?  Could be some kind of airline comedy, but no, it's some arty Japanese movie that Now Magazine has given 5 stars.  (okay, I can guess about Night at the Museum, having seen the first!)
Whatever.  The obvious choice was Star Trek, but all the showtimes are lousy.  Super-late or way too early to get away.
But then there were two movies I really want to see (based on novels I enjoyed, so I recognized the name) are My Sister's Keeper and The Time Traveller's Wife.  Not so much the first, though it's an interesting novel that I've read twice so far, but definitely The Time Traveller's Wife.  I cannot imagine they've done a good job adapting it - the book is so creepy and non-linear.  But it looks intriguing and I loved the book so much I must see the movie either way.
So neither of those movies has opened yet.  Of course.
And then there's Food, Inc., which is great in theory, but currently playing at only one theatre - which is Cineplex, kind of, but doesn't accept my 4-gazillion "Scene" points, apparently.
Will keep you posted.


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