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Garden roundup

Today’s high:  definitely petunias!  The smell of them as I walk through the door in the evenings… mmm… they smell, well, as I keep saying, like CANDY.

garden 018

Since I blew my original stock of seed on this year’s Purim petunias, I’m desperately hoping to save some from the plants this year.  HOWEVER, the exact source of seed continues to elude me.  It seems, from what I’ve read, like this pod thing at the centre will expand, turn brown, and fill with hundreds of tiny seeds.  We’ll see.  I have never seen any of my petunias do anything like that.

Today’s garden low?  Maybe just the heat and wiltiness of everything.  Showers expected tomorrow afternoon – yay!

More of what’s going on around the garden… though in June, it’s really hard to keep up and I’m definitely missing stuff, because there are so many highs!

garden 030Peas a-poppin’!!!  Must remember to mark off one vine of my favourite and let it go to seed… ie dry out and save the peas from the pods when they are past their eatin’ prime.






garden 022Taters tate-in’!  Once again, potatoes are flowering.  According to potato legend, this means the potatoes are now forming and can even be harvested for small, “new” potatoes.  However, this is NOT according to my bitter personal experience the past two years trying to get something more than a few runty spuds out of my garden.  I personally will wait until the vines die back and see what we have when I dump out the bags…

Bah-lank-et Fah-lah-wer!!!  Last winter, February 24, 2008 to be exact, wanting to see these shocking bright colours in my garden, I sowed these seeds into little peat pots.  Gaillardia is supposed to flower the first year from seed, but whatever… guess I don’t have the touch.  But finally, finally, I do have blanket flowers!  Okay, one.  But there are more coming.  Three on one plant, two on the other.  :-)))

   garden 032 garden 033

Here’s what they looked like as babies, sprouting last March.  I’m so proud!!

So much going on around here, but my laundry awaits and Ted wants the computer…