SFG Update

Looking more lush, but blighted as usual… leaf miners in the chard (I cut it down in the hope against hope that it will grow back), stunted beets, bolted spinach, bizarre fungi…  leaving me even more doggedly determined to make something work this year!

Planted various beans in both beds (late, late, late, like everything in this year’s garden) and tomatoes in bed #2.  My next post will describe my latest and ultimate flight of fantasy:  Jfer’s Field of Dreams in SFG Bed #1.

Pics below. For an ongoing slideshow of the progress in these SFG beds, just visit this post.

Square Foot Garden Bed #1:

SFG #1 SFG #1 diagonal 

Square Foot Garden Bed #2:

SFG #2 diagonal SFG #2

Yes, I know I never straightened out those humpy-looking blind slats.  Face it, it’s almost July, it’s hot out, and I’m tired.  I honestly don’t think it’s getting done… this year, at least.  :-)


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